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Fireflies, the Fools.

Hospice of fools

The hospice of fools, located north of the rock which dominates Avignon, is worth a visit. We know here how much the zeal of a few enlightened and charitable citizens has been useful to this establishment. It combines all the advantages one could desire in the treatment of mania and madness. Large and well ventilated courtyards, spacious gardens, well-constructed buildings, etc. etc. The author of the topography of Avignon observes that the lodges are a little narrow and consequently unhealthy.
The number of fools is 35 or 40, the house could accommodate many more. There is an ivory Christ, very well carved, connoisseurs see this work with pleasure.

From “Discourse on the History of Avignon” by Xavier B. Guérin, 1807.

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